New movie promises a follow-up to “Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow”

Amateur video purports to have captured Vermont “Dogman” on film

Vermont Police report wolf sightings within city limits

Reposted from the Cold Hollow Chronicle ST ALBANS – At 7:18 a.m Wednesday, a resident on North Main Street made [...]

Wolf Howls Reported in throughout New England but Little Evidence for Wolves Found

Reposted from The Cold Hollow Chronicle According to a recent report by the Wolf Conservation Center, the wolves [...]

New report says Vermont wolves may not be extinct

FEBRUARY 15, 2020 According to a recent report by the Wolf Conservation Center, the wolves that were once [...] reports on Cold Hollow werewolf

JANUARY 26, 2020 Reposted from Is there really a werewolf-type creature roaming the wilds of [...]

‘We Are the Werewolves’: Vermont Roller Derby Adopts New Team Name and Logo

OCTOBER 18, 2019 The Werewolves logo design by Jorge from Franklin County fans of Vermont [...]

Canid Attack in Salisbury Vermont Fuels Rumors of Wolves and Werewolves

April 4, 2019 The latest in a series of attacks by wolf-like creatures in New England is creating an online [...]

“Werewolf Lectures” Discusses Background of Vermont Legend

“Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow” short film explores the werewolves of northern Vermont

by Angela Quinton Sep. 20, 2018 “It’s a werewolf. It’s not like it’s some crazy monster… it’s just [...]

“Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow” short film, now available online

Playboy publishes article on Vermont werewolf legend

Reposted from Werewolves Are Definitely Not Real ... Right? In 1994, Jack Nicholson played the [...]

Interview with New England folklorist and historian, Joe A. Citro

J.D. Thompson interviews Joseph A. Citro on the subject of monsters. October 8, 2015 JDT: How long have you been [...]

Two Hikers Report a Werewolf Sighting in the Green Mountain National Park

August, 2015. In an episode from his Strange Encounters series, Rusty West discusses werewolves in Vermont and [...]

Hunter Reports Encounter with “Dogman” in Vermont