New movie promises a follow-up to “Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow”

“In the sleepy villages of Cold Hollow Vermont, a monster is said to lurk. Is it a werewolf, a “dogman,” or something even more terrifying? Our movie will explore these questions and more.”

This is how the crowdfunding campaign has described a new film “The Hound of Cold Hollow: Hunting the Hunter.” According to the creators, Niamh O’Connor, an independent artist from Boston contacted J.D. Thompson, director of “Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow” (2018), to create a follow-up movie and get the facts behind the legend. After initial hesitation, Thompson agreed to support Niamh’s film and to create an original soundtrack.”

Promotional materials indicate that, if the film reaches its funding goal, O’Connor and her team will travel to Cold Hollow to get viewers of Thompson’s 2018 documentary the answers they have been waiting for.

The trailer also reveals that this project has succeeded in going further than Thompson’s film by securing interviews with Vermont state officials and other “experts.” But some of the most intriguing moments in the trailer shows video of what appears to be a massive, long eared, blue-eyed wolf-like creature blinking and even speaking. Other interesting yet unexplained moments show some sort of ritual being performed in the snow by people wearing animal skulls on their faces and carrying torches.

The trailer has been posted via BlackHat Entertainment, the same channel that posted Thompson’s original 2018 film and can be viewed at the link below.

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