The Wolf Clan of Erin: Thompson traces Vermont werewolf legend from New England back to ancient Ireland in his new book

DECEMBER 24, 2018

Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow is a short video based on research into a werewolf legend from the Vermont-Canada border area known as Cold Hollow. The short film has generated controversy over the origins of the legend, which prompted author and filmmaker, J.D Thompson, to present his latest book, The Wolf Clan of Erin: A Saga of Ireland’s Ancient Tribe of Werewolves. In the introduction to the book, Thompson chronicles his initial attraction to the region of Cold Hollow, his preliminary research into the werewolf legend there which became the basis for his article featured by Playboy.  The story then delves into a narrative telling of the earliest recorded history of the legend, tracing it from nineteenth century New England to its ancient Irish origins in the lost kingdom of Ossory.

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