Vermont Police report wolf sightings within city limits

Reposted from the Cold Hollow Chronicle

ST ALBANS – At 7:18 a.m Wednesday, a resident on North Main Street made an unusual report to police describing a wolf spotted in their driveway. A subsequent police report confirms the sighting which was described simply as an “Animal problem. Wolf in driveway.”

Over the last several years, there have been a steadily increasing number of wolf and other canid sightings reported in Vermont generally, and in the Cold Hollow region specifically. The Cold Hollow Chronicle has covered many of these stories including one of the most notable reports exploring the return of wolves to the region was published by the Wolf Conservation Society in February of 2020. Nevertheless, in spite of the mounting evidence that wolves – or large, wolf-like animals – are on the rise in Vermont, many Vermont state officials continue to deny the existence of a growing wolf population.

However, since the late 1990s, local residents and tourists have continued to report a number of wolf sightings (and “werewolf” sightings). Excluding the possibility of werewolves, the question still remains; if the animals spotted by witnesses are not wolves, what are they?

According to a recent article published in the Montpelier Time-Argus, the animals being seen throughout Vermont are “coywolves”: a type of hybrid animal consisting of wolf, coyote, and dog, genetics.

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