‘We Are the Werewolves’: Vermont Roller Derby Adopts New Team Name and Logo

OCTOBER 18, 2019
The Werewolves logo design by Jorge from http://squlls.com/

Franklin County fans of Vermont Roller Derby may be pleased to know that Cold Hollow’s notorious werewolf legend has made a recent appearance further south in central Vermont. According to a press release featured on the Central Vermont Roller Derby website, the team has adopted a new mascot and name.

“That’s right, folks. We have finally settled on a name for our new roller derby team. We are the Werewolves (auooooooooooo)!” the statement says.

As for the inspiration behind the new name, the team makes a strange allusion to “our misty, moon-lit October night practices on the Waterbury courts.”

For more on Vermont Roller Derby and the Werewolves, go to: https://www.centralvtrollerderby.com/blog/2019/10/14/we-are-the-werewolves

Reposted from The Cold Hollow Chronicle.

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