Werewolves.com reports on Cold Hollow werewolf

JANUARY 26, 2020

Reposted from werewolves.com

Is there really a werewolf-type creature roaming the wilds of Vermont? Or is it all a creative bit of ballyhoo? You can watch the short documentary film here. And read up on the legend here. Then you can decide. I admit that I’d never heard of the “Hound of Cold Hollow” before, and I’m well educated on all things werewolf. (Not bragging, yo, it’s just that it’s my job.) That doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole thing is bogus, only that it is, if genuine, obscure. I was unable in a brief Internet search to locate many mentions of the creature that were not connected directly to the documentary. Again, this doesn’t necessarily prove that it’s manufactured, but it does make me wonder. It appears that there was an article about the werewolf posted in PLAYBOY in the October 2015 issue. (Was that one of the ones where they’d pretentiously stopped posting nude photographs of women in order to convince us that it really was always about the articles? I don’t know. It’s been a long time since I purchased a PLAYBOY. I may have to seek out this back-issue though.)

This tongue-in-cheek post is from 2006, so we can say, at the least, and for what it’s worth, that the concept of a werewolf in Vermont predates the documentary film and the PLAYBOY article.

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